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Lost Cats

If your cat is missing, it is imperative that you commence your search as soon as possible. After making signs and calling local shelters, rescues and Animal Control, you should investigate some of these websites for ideas on what to do next. This is a comprehensive site that will give you tips on everything, including a discussion forum Indoor-Only Personality Profiles Indoor-Only Cats (or Timid Cats) Outdoor-Access CatsFeral (or Born of Feral)Psychology and the Missing Cat

Here is a site where you can post info about Lost and Found pets in Nova Scotia This website has loads of info on lost and found pets, here is a link to their partner site

this is a link to a Microchip provider who helps reunite missing pets

Here is another microchip company who tracks lost cats

a Pet Detective in the USA has a site here for tips and info

Websites, contacts, and things to do:
Start in the Neighbourhood. Walk, drive, ask around. Think of where your pet might go; use whatever you think would to get his/her attention - bounce a ball, squeak a toy, shake a bag of treats, use words they know. Canned cat food is a good lure to leave out by the door.* (If you've recently moved, also check your old neighbourhood, and in between. Cats are often very good at finding their way back to their old homes.) Big, bright posters with a detailed description, and print a photo if you can. An easy online flyer maker that you can also use: HRM Animal Services "Found Pet Photos".

Be sure to call 311 or 1.800.835.6428 (toll free in Nova Scotia only), as they may have new pets that are not yet on their website:
Metro SPCA, Dartmouth. 902-468-7877.

Metro Animal Emergency Clinic, Dartmouth.
If your pet was injured, he/she might be here. 902-468-0674. Homeward Bound City Pound, Dartmouth. 902-407-7283.

Bide-A-While Shelter, Dartmouth. 902-469-9578.

Your local veterinarian(s).
People often report lost/found pets to area vets.

Flealess. Easy, up to date. Be sure to post an ad here in Lost & Found. Check the listings often, and please update if/when yours has been resolved - It's always great to hear about a happy ending!


Other local pet rescue groups (such as NS Homeless Pet Project, Cats in Halifax, and others)... I haven't listed all of these, because I wanted to keep my list geared more toward Lost & Founds ... But there is always a chance that your pet may have been picked up by a rescue group, thinking it was homeless/abandoned. It wouldn't hurt to check that angle as well. Just google NS (or HRM) cat or dog rescue.